Oil Trading

Our oil trading business trades crude oil and oil products to consumers both locally and internationally. We managing our suppliers, thereby ensuring easy movement and distribution of our products.

Our trading experts have experience spanning a range of sectors, giving us a multifaceted and dynamic approach to decision making and problem solving. The main vocation of our trading experts is to maximise the value of our production activities and ensure adequate supply of our products to the market.

We take into cognisance the general-market investor appetite and the prevailing balance of supply and demand that influence increases or decreases in oil prices.

Oil trading is a financially rewarding and we at General Oil and Gas Services Limited are able to recognise primary drivers for oil market pricing and determining which factors are more influential catalysts for the market at that time that would ensure financial returns.

Our trading success is based on deep understanding of the market, both locally and internationally, as this enables us to respond swiftly to the ever changing trend of the market.