Leak repair and clamping

Leaks are inevitable in pressurized systems. When leaks or process damages occur on pipelines/flowlines, General Oil and Gas Services Limited can provide bolt-on style leak repair fittings for whatever application services as required. 

Universal clamp couplings are leak repair clamps that make it possible to achieve a complete circumferential seal and wide range for repairing splits and holes, full breaks, and pin holes in various types of pipes.


Welding and fabrication

Our welding activities involve processes that join materials, usually metals or thermoplastics. This is often achieved by heating the surfaces to the point of melting using a blowtorch, electric arc or other means and uniting them by pressing and hammering etc. This could be achieved with some of the following methods:


Pipelines, Flowlines Welding and Laying

General Oil and Gas Services Limited carries out welding and laying of oil and gas pipelines and flow-lines  of varying diameters ranging from the smallest to the largest in order to satisfy evolving and increasing industry demands and also to meet the progressively more stringent pipeline fabrication codes and operator specifications.

 These activities could be carried out on varying locations depending on your welding and pipe laying needs on land, swamp and offshore locations using dedicated our automatic welding machines and special welding tents. 


Manifold construction and installation

Manifolds are wide or larger pipes or channels into which smaller pipes or channels lead. 

This comes in various forms with different areas of application including but not limited to:


De-oiling and Dewatering

Dewatering and de-oiling technologies are integral to our pipeline treatment technologies. These utilise state-of-the-art technology to ensure absolute separation is achieved in the most cost effective and resource efficient manner.

We use foam pigs, chemicals/gels and anti-corrosion fluids for our efficient dewatering process. We also deploy high capacity compressors to dewater the line together with nitrogen injection into the gas pipeline as part of the pre commissioning activity. 


Cathodic Protection

At General Oil and Gas Services Limited, cathodic protection is an integral part of our scope of activities. This entails preventing corrosion by converting all the anodic sites on a metal surface to cathodic sites by supplying electrical current from an alternate source.